About Us

Our Story

We built Furthr for ourselves.

We’re money-savvy professionals who love new experiences. You could loosely define us as Millennials but we think age is an odd label. We are conscientious spenders who value experiences over things. We were catching Ubers when everyone was still in taxis, our rooms are on Airbnb to fund our holidays, and we probably own a little bit of cryptocurrency.

No more codes, cards or pointless points.

Existing loyalty schemes and cashback sites just aren’t for us. Activation codes and coffee stamps? Too much hassle. Rewards points? Too many rules in how and when we can use them.

A loyalty experience that’s simple and useful in real life.

The Furthr app is powered by brand new card-linking technology which turns your existing Visa or Mastercard into your own personal loyalty card. That means you can pay in the ways you’re used to, and get rewarded each time. And here’s the best bit – we reward you with cashback. Actual money, for actual life. No more pointless points.

Consistent cashback.

Just like loyalty, our cashback is consistent. We don’t believe in flash sales, or expiring offers. We give you a consistent level of cashback, all day every day, to reward your regular spending.

Freedom to spend in the ways that matter to you.

There is no right or wrong way to use your cashback. We hope you will use it to do more of whatever it is that matters to you.


Brian O’Farrell
Director of Growth & Co-CEO
Nathalie Mann
Director of Operations & Co-CEO
Pf. Michael Mann AO
Business Advisor
Robert O’Farrell
Commercial Advisor
Liz Adeniji
Commercial Advisor
Matt Fry
Commercial Director
Richard Crapp
Head of Corporate Partnerships
Eve Baker
Growth Lead
Alex Poe, MBA
Operations Advisor
Apeshka Patil, MBA
Solution Architect
Gary Whelan
Lead Product Designer