Yes! Furthr is completely free.

Download Furthr App. Link your bank card in the app. Pay with your card as normal at any Furthr brand partners. Earn cashback into your Furthr wallet. Just like that!

Card-linking is the technology that enables us to give you cashback every time you shop at one of Furthr’s partner brands. Our technology recognises each time you use a linked bank card and automatically allocates your cashback.

You can link any Visa, Eftpos or Mastercard from any bank in Australia.

You can link all of your Visa cards, Eftpos cards and Mastercards in the app providing they are all in your name.

The merchant you spend with pays the cashback to you via Furthr, to reward you for spending with them and to encourage you to spend with them again in the future.

If you can’t see your cashback in your Furthr wallet yet, don’t worry, it can take up to 7 days from the date of your purchase to appear in your wallet in a pending state.

Please wait for this timeframe to pass before contacting the team.

Should your transaction not appear within 7 days, please contact us within 60 days of the date you made the transaction so we can investigate with the retailer. Please make sure to provide as much information as possible: name of merchant you purchased from, date of purchase, purchase amount, card used, receipt and order ID if possible. For online purchases you can generally find this information in the email confirmation received from the retailer. For in store purchases you can look in your banking app for a transaction receipt. In some cases we may ask for further information.

Merchants can take 3-90 days from the date of purchase to approve transactions. This varies as it is at the discretion of the retailer to allow for a returns period on purchased items and cancellations etc. We can’t payout cashback until we know the goods purchased won’t be returned for a refund. Once the returns period has passed your cashback will change from ‘pending’ to ‘available’. Should your cashback state not change within 90 days, please contact us so we can investigate!

Once your cashback is approved by a retailer, it will change from a pending state to an available state in your Furthr wallet. Once your cashback total reaches $20.01 or more, you can withdraw it onto your linked card by simply tapping ‘Withdraw Balance’ in your Furthr wallet.

You’ll need to enable push notifications from Furthr app in your mobile phone settings. Turn them on and you should start receiving an instant notification with your earned cashback amount after every purchase with your linked card at one of our brand partners!

We will never store any identifiable details. As soon as you link a card, we encrypt your card details with bank-level security systems – replacing the details with an ID number. All we keep is the last 4 digits of your card number and the card’s expiry date. We keep these so that we can display your card correctly within the app, and so that we can remind you when your card has expired so you can link your new one.Once the details are encrypted, we can’t see or access them, and neither can anyone else. This ID number is meaningless and out of context, even to us. No one will be able to tell from our system which card is yours once linked.

Our card-linking technology is a proprietary technology operated by Visa, Eftpos and Mastercard in Australia. Currently It’s not possible for us to offer card-linking on any other card platforms, although we will continue to monitor the opportunity for this on our members’ behalf in the future.

Yes! As long as the debit or credit cards you each use have different long card numbers on the front you are good to go. You can earn cashback separately and withdraw to different accounts too

No. You only get cashback at participating retailers (Furthr partner brands on display in the app).

Sorry, Furthr only supports card-linking with Visa, Eftpos and Mastercard debit and credit cards at this time

Yes! As long as you are using the same Visa or Mastercard you have linked with Furthr you will receive cashback.

No, we only see the transactions you make with your linked cards with merchants on Furthr.

In most instances no. It’s important you don’t try and stack offers or activate offers from other providers if you want to receive your full cashback via Furthr.

There is no catch. We get paid a commission everytime you shop at our partner brands and we share that commission with you. Retailers are happy to get more sales, customers are happy their money is going further and we are happy to make a living from helping people save money!

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