For Partners

Grow your business by joining the ultimate customer loyalty network.

Our open loyalty network allows you to fund meaningful experiences for your customers. We’re talking change-your-life kind of experiences. Experiences that create true loyalty.

Sticky Loyalty

Nothing says ‘we love you’ like funding your customers’ travel dreams. They’re not going going anywhere. Except on holiday.

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Risk-Free Marketing

No guesswork. We believe in safe bets. Get guaranteed returns on your ad spend*, paying only for successful sales from both your existing and new customers.

*We take a commission on each transaction putting the majority back into your customer’s Furthr wallet.


Grow Your Business

Watch your customers spend more, tell their friends and grow your business... It’s that simple!

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Your Customer Analytics Portal

All our partners get their own self service analytics
portal to monitor:

  • Total Sales
  • Total Customers
  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Frequency of Purchase
  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Your Ongoing Referral Commission
  • Invoices and Payments

Simple Setup

Costs nothing. Takes seconds. Joining Furthr as a merchant is as smooth and simple as using the app. No staff training necessary. We ask for basic company info and some POS details. One form, once completed, you’re good to go!